How we Work

We offer professional advice for your credit solution

F&I Credit Solutions will help you meet your credit goals and get the score where you need it to be. We will help you open the door to many opportunities. F&I takes pride in offering one of the best credit repair services, we help you in the process of removing any negative or inaccurate items on your credit report. It’s very easy.


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Fill in our online form and upload your credit report to our secured server. We will help you identify the items you want to fix. This will help us know where to focus and how to strategize to fit your personal needs and goals.


This is where the work starts. We will go through the complicated online system of credit reporting agencies and send the appropriate correspondence (formal dispute letters) to the credit companies, so the incorrect data or erroneous item is removed.


Through our financial advisors you can check any updates and keep track of your report. You can see for yourself and follow the progress through CreditKarma, Experian, etc.